1969–Jim Christy and other students starting asking their physical education teacher at Marshall U High, Ed Prohofsky, why students like them (physically handicapped) could not play in athletic competitions like other students. Jim and other students played floor hockey in physical education class and at Courage Center.

1970–Jim Christy graduated from high school, but other students, including Paul Pranghofer and Tony LeBahn kept up the pressure of someday playing a sport against other teams in an organized format.

1971–The rules of adapted floor hockey kept evolving at Marshall U High and Courage Center. Tony LeBahn took an active role in these modifications.

1972–Ed Prohofsky and others kept looking into how teams could be organized to play adapted floor hockey.

1973–While in college, Jim Christy and Bob Anderson rewrote the 1972 NCAA Hockey Rules for Adapted Floor Hockey. At Marshall U High, Ed Prohofsky kept contacting other groups to start an Adapted Floor Hockey League.

1974–The first organized league of Adapted Floor Hockey was established and the first games were played. The League consisted of four teams: 2 from Marshall U High (Tony LeBahn played on one team), 1 from Courage Center (Minneapolis Independents), 1 Alumni team (Paul Pranghofer played on this team).

1975–The league became secondary students only, but still consisted of four teams: 2 from St. Paul (Paul Pranghofer coached 1 team for 6 years), 1 from Marshall U High, 1 was called Minneapolis Independents.

1976–Athletic letters for participation in Adapted Athletics were first awarded (not all schools participated in this practice). A game schedule was set up to follow the high school hockey playing season.

1977–Tony LeBahn graduated from high school in the Spring of 1977 and then coached the Minneapolis Independents from 1977 – 1979 and 1982. He officiated in 1980-1981.

1978–An organized conference board was established: Minnesota (or Metro) Association for Adapted Athletics (MAAA). It was incorporated in Dec. 14, 1984.

1979–This was the first season of Adapted Soccer – The first recorded state tournament was in 1984. The League consisted of 6 teams: Anoka; Osseo; St. Paul Independents; St. Paul Humboldt; Minneapolis Independents; and Marshall U High. Dick Blacksvedt coached the Osseo team for 20 + years until his retirement from teaching.

1983–Paul Pranghofer started officiating and continues until at least the 2008 – 09 school year. The Spring season saw the start of Adapted Softball. A jamboree decided the conference champion.

1984–Official incorporation of MAAA. First scheduled games of Softball.

1985–Clyde Riddel, Fridley, joined the MAAA and conducted Adapted State Tournaments at Fridley for the next 7 years. Jim Christy collected data from coaches and printed books for the State tournament. Clyde acquired trophies and medals.

1986–Clyde Riddel printed a booklet for the MAAA. Rules for all three sports kept evolving. The Rules Committee consisted of coaches and board members. A limited number of people attended, but always there were: Jim Christy; Lloyd Olson (Robbinsdale) and Clyde Riddel.

1987–Adapted Soccer goals were represented by tape on the wall. In an attempt to see what was possible for regular goals: Jim Christy and Clyde Riddel built a set of goals out of pvc pipe and netting. They were used at Fridley that year and eventually led to the use of commercially made nets.

1988–The Minnesota Special Interscholastic Sports Association was established. It was formed to organize adapted sports for students with mental handicaps. The board members consisted of: Ed Prohofsky; Clyde Riddel; Lloyd Olson; Daryl Miller; Kris Swanson-Scones; Marie Moilanen; Ed Scinto and George Hansen. These people were also part of the MAAA Board. Also part of the MSISA Board were Russ Bakko; Rich Burke and the head of the Minnesota Special Olympics.

1989–When it was realized the two boards were duplicating too much time and effort, the MSISA was assimilated into the MAAA. Rules and teams were organized for the MH division of Adapted Athletics.

1990–First season of competition for MH (now CI) students.

1991–Ed Prohofsky over many years had attempted approval of Adapted Athletics by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL). The activity rules formats, schedules, and eligibility rules were all established in a parallel manner in an attempt make any transition easy.

1992–Cathy Peterson (Minneapolis South) was able to bring the question of accepting Adapted Athletics into the MSHSL by a vote of their Delegate Assembly. After an emotional presentation by the MAAA and a Delegate who talked about his daughter, there was an unanimous vote for approval.

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