MAAA Conference By-laws

As of September 2017


Minnesota Adapted Athletics Association provides youth with disabilities the same opportunity as other students to enjoy the benefits of a quality high school sports program.

The Minnesota Adapted Athletic Association is to provide sports experiences for high school athletes with disabilities in the same manner that they have been provided for other abled athletes. Minnesota adapted sports are officially sanctioned by the state high school league. The following indoor sports are offered by the MSHSL: Adapted Soccer (Fall), Adapted Floor Hockey (Winter), Adapted Softball (Spring) and Adapted Bowling (Spring). 

  1. ATHLETIC PROGRAMS: Currently the team sports of soccer, floor hockey, and softball are offered by the MSHSL under adapted athletics. Spring bowling competition is also offered. It consists of competition in singles, doubles and 4 member teams. Additional sports will be added or existing sports eliminated as determined by the MSHSL.
  2. DUES AND ASSESSMENTS: The Association will assess each team a fee of $90.00 per team per division per sport. That is, if a school or cooperative has a team in each division for each sport their assessment will be $300. The assessment will be payable by the second week of October of that school year.
  3. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: (Refer to MSHSL Guidelines )  
  4. HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE: All sports in this association shall operate under the rules of the Minnesota State High School League. 
  1. ASSOCIATION MEETINGS: Meetings of the M.A.A.A. will be held on the third Thursday of the months of September, November, March and May.  These meetings will be held at the MSHSL Offices at 3:30pm. Games should not be scheduled on board meeting days.
  2. NON-CONFERENCE GAMES: Conference school may schedule non-conference games provided the games do not interfere with the conference schedule or conflict with the MSHSL rules.
  3. OFFICIALS: Unless notified at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled starting time, officials under contract for conference games shall be paid if the contest is forfeited. The team which caused the forfeit will pay the official(s). The Varsity and JV Officials pay rate will follow the metro officials fee scale. Schools may choose to supply their own JV official.
  • Every effort will be made to establish schedules by the end of the school year of the year preceding the competition.
  • No athletic contest is to be scheduled on legal holidays or regularly scheduled election dates. The game schedule should avoid the following holidays: Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, Rosh-Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Presidents Day, Martin Luther King Day, Passover, Memorial Day.  Contact the Elections Office at (612) 296-2805 to determine election dates to avoid potential conflicts.
  • Games must be start between 4:30pm and 6:30pm. If a team would like to play outside of this timeframe they have to mutually agree with their opponent for any other start time
  • Postponing, rescheduling or canceling scheduled conference contests:
    • Once the regular season has begun, all future schedule changes must be made between competing schools and the officials assignor.
    • The decision to postpone and reschedule a game is the responsibility of the home school. 
  • Contests which are not played are considered to be a forfeit. Cancellation of a Conference contest will result in a forfeit for the team responsible for the cancellation.
  • Rescheduling Policy: Teams must mutually agree to game changes with their opponent and submit the change to the Officials Coordinator for approval. The Officials Coordinator reserves the right to deny game changes if they are unable to obtain officials for the new game date. Once the change is approved by the Officials Coordinator, the change must be submitted to the M.A.A.A. Executive Secretary to be updated on the master schedule online.
    • As much advance notice as possible should be given the visiting team and assigned official(s) Postponed games will be played by mutual consent of the two teams. 

STANDINGS TIEBREAKERS: See Conference Standings Tiebreaker Guidelines

MAAA Conference Standings Tiebreakers 

Approved 05/10/2006  

All teams are ranked in the conference standings based on total points: Win = 2 points; Loss = 0 points; Tie = 1 point.

Conference Championship: 

In the event of a tie for the conference championship, any tied teams will share the award.  

Seeding Tie-breaking Criteria:   

1. Most Points in Conference Standings. 

2. Head-to-Head winner in Conference Games. 

3. Coin Flip (or Drawing when more than 2 teams are tied). 

*Conducted by an authorized MAAA representative.

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